Making a Will is an Important Part of Being a Parent

Making a Will, it’s just another part of being a parent. It is imperative that you have a will in place if you have children to ensure they have a guardian (that you appoint and are happy with) to cover the unfortunate circumstance that you die while your children still need to be cared for.

When asking parents if they had a will, many people have a similar response:

Parents: ‘’I don’t need a Will, I’ve got nothing to leave’’.

Wise Owl Wills: ‘’Have you got kids?’

Parents: ‘’Yes, two.’’

Wise Owl Wills: ‘’Then you need a Will, who’s going to look after them if you and/or your partner die?’’

Parents: ‘’My parents will’’

Wise Owl Wills: ‘’How do you know? Social services might not have the same opinion.’’

Parents: ‘’Social services? It’s up to me isn’t it?!’’

Even though you may tell another person that they will have guardianship when you die, it is not a legally binding contract, and without any legalities i.e a will, social services may not agree with who you want to leave your children too

Social Services

So, why do social services have a say on these matters when you pass away?

If your children are left orphaned they automatically become a ward of the Court and social services will make their recommendation in Court to a judge, who will then decide who will raise your children. It might not be who you wished it would be before you died. Can you imagine what the added worry would be like in that situation? If you have a Will you can specify who will have guardianship of your children if you die and you can arrange things like trusts to help cover the cost of raising them. Wise Owl Wills has a specific section on guardians that is easy to complete. Click here to start your Wise Owl Will.


Guardianship isn’t a nice thing to have to think about and spending money on writing your Will might not be top of your list of things to do right now, especially with all the costs involved in raising little people, but it is part of being a parent.

The idea of you dying and leaving your children behind, unsure of the outcome would be horrific, but knowing that you have arranged guardianship for them in your will, would be a weight off your shoulders.

Writing a will can ensure the people you want to name as guardians share your values and would raise them as close to how you do now, which would undoubtedly help them in what would be an entirely life changing and unsettling time for them.

Why Make a Plan?

As hard as it can be, having discussions about what would happen in the event that you and your other half die, and making both your wishes known, will make sure there will be no conflict if this were to happen. This ensures that everyone will agree o cooperate to implement what the best plan would be for the children and their parents.

How Wise Owl Wills Can Help

Wise Owl Wills provides a smart, online will writing services start at just £35.99 including VAT for a single will, and only £47.99 including VAT for a 2-person mirror will. This means that when writing your will you and your other half can create a mirror will with the same wishes as one another which will be effective when choosing a guardian to look after your children.

Also, solicitors can be pretty expensive, so using our online will making kit is a much more cost-effective way of securing a legal document to protect your assets and possessions for the future. So you don’t have to worry about cutting short on money that can be used on your children and Wise Owl Wills works on any device too, including your phone, so you can make a start anytime you want for your complete convenience.

So what are you waiting for? With our cost of writing a Wise Owl will at such a fantastically low rate, and such a simple process too, it’s clear to see it’s the wise decision in doing a will online. It is a cost-effective and secure way to secure your children’s future with a Wise Owl will.

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