Strengths and Weaknesses of Using an Online Will Writing Service

There are various strengths and weaknesses to writing your will online. Here at Wise Owl Wills, we have assesed both sides of online will writing to ensure that you can make can informed choice as to which is best for your individual situation.

Strengths of Online Wills

Convenience Our simple to complete, easy to follow online will writing service can be completed on your computer, tablet or smartphone, anywhere, anytime! When you haven’t got time to waste, why would you work out a will with a solicitor and have to go through the long and drawn out process, when our online wills are just as effective, cheaper and completed in a fraction of the time?

Cost Effective All of our online wills are fully legal and are competitively priced. We use a totally secure payment gateway for your complete peace of mind when you make your will. If you compare the price of a Wise Owl Will against the cost of asking a solicitor to make one, you’ll see just how wise it is to choose us! We don’t think you should have to pay crazy prices to protect your loved ones.

Peace of MindWIse Owl Wills gives you the ability to save your will as you go. Once you have completed and paid for your will, we will email you with your finished will and we will provide you with instructions on how to have it witnessed. The witnessing process of writing a will online is very straight forward but also very important – which is why a Wise Owl Will comes with specific detailed instructions that make your will valid in England and Wales. As soon as you’ve completed it you’ll have your very own official, legally-binding will! So you can enjoy your life without worrying about what comes next.

Weaknesses of Online Wills

Not Sure Where to Start – You might be worried about making a Will online due to being concerned about mistakes or think it will be complicated to complete a will without legal guidance. Here at Wise Owl Wills, we like to think that our online Will service is nothing to be worried about! We have a friendly user interface which is accessible through all devices and if you don’t know the answer to the question, then Wise Owl allows you to save as you go and return back to your will later You can also call us on 020 3893 2719 to ask us any questions if you get stuck!

Quality of Some Online Wills – Not all online Wills are created with the same care or efficiency as Wise Owl Wills, in fact they vary quite dramatically in levels of service and quality. Some online will services have been know to hide additional future charges and some services simply produce a will that is automated online and isn’t tailored to each individual consumer. However, you will not face this issue when using Wise Owl Wills as our site has a friendly user interface, all the information you need about the legalities of your will and you only have a set price for your will!

Not Being able to Meet with a Solicitor – While not meeting a solicitor may be positive for many people, it will be a negative for others. Some people like the traditional approach of meeting a Solicitor. If so, an online Will writing service may not be for you. However, if you want to go for the traditional approach, you should expect to pay significantly higher costs than using an online will writing service, attend multiple meetings, and understand that the process will take significantly longer. That said, if you have a complex estate, then you may be better visiting a solicitor to ensure that all your needs are taken care of. However, one way to help the process of visiting a solicitor for a will could be to buy a Wise Owl Will first and then take that to the solicitor to tweak or check it – at the very least it could act a s avery comprehensive explanation of your wishes!

Start Your Online Will Now

If you’ve been thinking about making a will online, then you’ve definitely come to the right place! However, we understand that you want to ensure you’ve found an online will service you can trust, so before you start the Wise Owls Wills online will maker process, here are a few great reasons to choose us!

  • Firstly, we guarantee that all of our online wills are correct and quality approved so you can proceed with total confidence.
  • Secondly, our super-smart online will maker system ensures that you can tailor and personalise your will to suit your individual circumstances, whether you’re single, have a partner you want to make a mirror will with, or any situation at all.
  • Finally, we’ve made sure the process is really quick and super easy to complete – and it works on any device too, so you can make a start anytime you want for your complete convenience.

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